5 Best Find My Phone Apps To Check Out For Android

Nowadays smartphone become must gadget for everyone. Everyone holding smartphone on their hands. Smartphone can revel all your personal secrets like your contacts, secret information, personal pictures, videos, passwords and financial data sometimes. Losing your smartphone is the most frightening thing ever in the modern age. Losing your smartphone can destroy your life if it is in wrong hands. So, recovering your phone before someone misusing data is very important. There are many methods you can follow to recover smartphone but, the best method is prevention. However, there are some ways you can find your phone using some best find my phone apps. So, today here we are listing some best find my phone apps to recover phone quickly.

Best Find My Phone Apps


Find My Phone From Google

Find My Device is Google’s native find my phone app. It is new improved Android device manager which helps you easily locate your lost Android device and keeps your information secure and safe while you look. You can lock your phone, erase data or show a message remotely. It also helps you track down your device by playing sound when it’s nearby.  The app is great because you can find the phone or in worst case swipe the data off. Best thing about the app is it is completely free without any in-app purchases.

Find My Phone - Google


Cerebrus is the best protection that you can get to recover your lost, stolen smartphone. It is a complete anti-theft application. It provide a three way protection for your device i.e remote control from internet, remote control via SMS and custom automatic alerts with AutoTask. It features the location tracker, device lock with code, start alarm even in silent mode, back up and wipe your data, take picture of thief and record voice, start remote shell and get location history etc. It is a free app with in-app purchases. So, download the one of the best find my phone apps from below link.

Download Cerebrus

Prey Anti-Theft

Prey Anti-Theft is more likely one of the best alternative for googles find my phone app. It gives the best ways to find your stolen or lost smartphone. Our missing device reports serve as detailed evidence for the police. Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, or MAC. It doesn’t matter, you can track and manage every device from a single account, on your Web Panel. It has the basic features like finding your phone, locking your device, and setting off an alarm, taking pictures and gathering network information. It is available in it’s premium version, or 100% free up to 3 devices.

Prey Anti - Theft

Family Locator

Family Locator simplifies life in the digital world by making it easy to stay connected to the people who matter most. It is developed by Life360 which allows you to create groups or circles of the family, friends, team mates whoever matter to you and locate them or track them on private family map. It also lets you chat with the circle members for free. The downside of the app is it is a person locator not a phone locator. But still it is very efficient to find your device location.

Family Locator


Theftie is one more popular app for findling your lost smartphone. It lock, locate, track, rescue data on lost or stolen phone and takes the thief selfie. It immediately locks the device if found unauthorized access, capture thief, locate your device and send all data to google drive. You can also remote control via internet, sends notification of SIM card changes. It is completely a free app.


These are some best Find my phone apps we have listed for Android. There are many other Find my phone apps available other than these. If you have any favourites please let us know through comments so that users can find more reliable apps. Do share it on social media if it meant useful. Thanks for visiting us. Keep visiting us for more updates.

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