Android M : Google’s Trump Card?

Some say it is the most polished version of Android, others say it is not, let us see what Android M has to offer.

Diverging the Goals

After conquering the hill of features, the tech giant, Google has been diverging the path of goals to design and functionality. Android Lollipop is what the company aimed; it is visible to the consumers now. However, as it is with every company, one should never settle for what they just did, instead, focus upon what is to be done in the future, Google has stepped to the next version of Android, i.e. codenamed M, which was showcased during the Google I/O this year.

The Release of Android M

Android M is not a drastic upgrade, by either way. However, some major and considerable amounts of features have been embedded into the code, paving the way for the next major release, presumably the Android N.

The update will roll out in phases, i.e. with the progress and the addition of new features, a new will be provided. The update will not be an OTA update; one will have to manually flash the system image through a bunch of commands every time a new phase is rolled out. The final release is pegged in the third quarter of this year; however, no specific date has been assigned.

Latest Additions

You will not have to dig around in the web pages to find the updated list, as the same is mentioned as follows:

  • Android Pay

    After seeing the competitor Apple launch its own payment mechanism, Google too opted for the path. The latest Android version will enclose payment support. The payments will be made via device’s NFC chip. A number of security measures have been engaged to make the payment process secure. This is a replacement for company’s Google Wallet, an initiative took 3 years ago, that failed due to lack of updates.

  • Rearrange the icons!

    Seeing the users switch to a custom OS, Google decided to encode this feature. By digging into the settings and choosing the System UI Tuner option, one will gain access to the rearrange menu and thereby perform the operation. The device does not need to be restarted after any changes, which is a great plus point.

  • Fingerprint Support

    This is no gimmick. Google is serious about the privacy of their audience base; therefore is standardizing the support for biometric hardware. Imagine trolls on Sundar Pichai collecting fingerprints. Eh, any Apple fan boy? There are already biometric hardware attacking the industrial base, early of them developed by Snapdragon and Samsung.

  • Let Android Doze

    Google will be coupling device’s sensors to detect whether the device is being used or not. If the latter persists, Android will doze to cut off unnecessary device processes. Moreover, when paired with charging, the device’s battery count will rocket to full in no time. Anyone said fast charging?

  • USB Type C

    Oh boy, this feature is most talked about. Google’s envision bringing the reversible type USB to Android. You no longer have to flip side to see which one attaches or not.

  • App Backup and Restore

    Once you upgrade to the latest build, you will need not install a third party application to back-up your data and apps. Good news! The feature is itself coming to your beloved operating system.

  • App Permission Management

    Do not want to allow WhatsApp to access microphone? Or deny the permission of accessing camera to Facebook? Simple, turn it off. Yes, you will be able to do it in the upcoming Android Version! Unbelievably, Google has implemented the feature into the settings menu.

  • Nit-picking apps? Forget it

    Hopping onto links? Tired of picking application every time? Android M has got you covered! Now when you will touch on a link, you will be directly transported to the corresponding app and nowhere else. Sounds nifty, right?

  • Captain Chrome

    Chrome will be playing a major part in navigating through in-app links. Unlike as in the previous versions, the links will be opened on top of the application in a browser based on Chrome. Google will be blowing away wind to boat of Chrome and Android. Aye Aye Captain!

  • Now Cards

    Google now will spread its feet in operating system, i.e. it will be available to the user on tap of a button. Confused what the text is? Simple, just highlight it and Google Now Card will pop-up from bottom of screen, showing useful information about the text.

  • Expand internal memory via external storage

    Yep, Google did what most of the users wanted. One will be able to mount the external device as a part of internal storage and therefore increase the available space. The feature will come in handy when one is running a low budgeted phone, such as the Android One. Moreover, a layer of encryption walls to protect the sensitive data will cage the external device.

  • Visual Voicemail

    Fed up dialing your voicemail every now and then to check if any message has arrived? Install the M Developer Preview. On enabling the option, you will be able to access your voicemails directly from the dialler. Be sure to check your carrier’s compatibility as the feature is limited to a couple of carriers only.

  • Per app battery saver toggle

    Unlike as was in Lollipop where all applications were dozed to save on battery, one will be able to choose which apps he or she wants to perform, as it should. This might seem to be a bit non-useful to you, however, will surely some of tech-savvy people.

  • Firing the old RAM Manager

    This is a fact. Older version of the RAM Manager is android was boring and sluggish. Guess what? Google heard you! The old, but not gold RAM manager has been fired off and a new replacement has been brought in. The newbie allows you to take a glimpse on various aspects such as average RAM consumption, highest RAM consuming app and the overall performance of your device.

These are the few new changes and features with Android M. Hope you like the article. Do share it on social media if you like the article. You can also join us on facebook or twitter for keeping yourself updated with latest technology news, apps and useful online tips, health tips, career tips and how to guides.

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