How to Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Image Using Nitro Pro App

Hello buddies, welcome to AppsAthena. Today we will discuss about how to convert PDF to word, PDF to Excel and PDF to image. In our day to day life when interacting with internet or working on our projects sometimes we may have to covert PDFs to word, Excel or to image and vice versa. There are lot of software available on the internet to change format of PDFs, but many of them are supporting to covert to only one format. Now AppsAthena is going to introduce you the Nitro pro app using which you can convert PDF to word, Excel or image simultaneously. In this article we will discuss on features of nitro pro app, how to use nitro pro app to convert PDF to word, excel or image, how to combine two or more files and create a new PDF file using Nitro pro app and how to create signature on PDF document.

Features of Nitro Pro App

Nitro pro app is a best alternative to adobe acrobat for windows users. Below the some features Nitro pro app provides

  • Nitro Pro supports more than 300 diverse document formats and anything made inside Nitro Pro can be opened and saw with Adobe® Acrobat® and other PDF formats.
  • Convert PDF files to word, excel, power point and image formats without any change in fonts, color and images formatting.
  • Extract and convert specific pages from PDF.
  • Batch conversion is possible i.e can convert multiple files at a time to word, excel or images format.
  • Combine one or more PDF files to create a single file.
  • Edit PDF’s text, move the selected content from one place to another place within document. Also delete paragraph or image from PDF. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) lets you turn scanned documents and images into searchable and editable PDF files.
  • Nitro Pro makes it easy to sign and certify documents while keeping your work secure, which means your confidential information remains private.
  • With Nitro Cloud’s eSignature and workflow management, you can reduce document turnaround time and increase visibility—all from your desktop.

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How to Convert PDF to Word, PDF to Excel and PDF to Image Using Nitro Pro App

Follow below steps to convert pdf to word, excel or image.

nitro pro app convert

  1. Open Nitro pro app in your computer and open a PDF file with nitro pro app.
  2. You will find options like to word, to excel, to power point, to image and to other. Click on appropriate option to which you want to convert.
  3. You will get a pop up. Select the PDF file, choose image format to which you want to convert. If you wish to convert specific pages, choose pages you wished to convert and set destination folder.
  4. Click on convert and wait until completion of conversion process.

How to Combine Two or More files to Single PDF file Using Nitro Pro App

nitro pro app combine

  1. Open Nitro pro app in your computer.
  2. Click on Combine and choose files you want to combine.
  3. You can maintain order by moving files left or right using options move left and move right.
  4. Click on create and wait for process completion.

How to Create Signature to PDF Using Nitro Pro App

nitro pro app sign

We have three ways to create signature for PDF files. Follow below steps

  1. Open PDF with Nitro pro app in your computer.
  2. Click on Quick sign -> Create new signature.
  3. You will get a pop up having options like Webcam, HandWritten and From File.
  4. If you choose WebCam, you need to capture signature from webcam and keep it at respective place in PDF and double click.
  5. For HandWritten you need to type your name in name filed and for from file option upload image of signature.

Wrapping Up

So this is the way to use Nitro pro App to convert PDF files to word, excel or image and to combine two or more files to single PDF file and to create signature to PDF. Hope you get required information. Please share the article if you like it.

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