How to Create Digital Ubiquity of Your Blogs Online

Blogging has now become an essential tool for business be it a small-scale or large one. Its identity as a hobby is also gaining momentum with nearly 275,000 posts being uploaded every day. In such a crowded marketplace, you are bound to get lost if your blog does not stand out or attract the right number of audience. Blogging is one of the ways people use to earn extra money online. Where one is always on a look for ways to increase his sources of income, blogging is gaining importance due to its simplicity and minimal setup requirements in the creation of a product. There are others who blog to publicize their writings and also those who use it to render services. With the advent of such global mediums where one can voice his opinion in less than 140 characters, micro-blogging is rapidly gaining popularity.


Investing your time in blogging is going to reap you benefits because New Media has become the new medium for communication, it has a global reach which will help you earn by sitting in one corner of the world, new media is here to survive and it is not going to die any time sooner unless the time machine someone somewhere is building starts working and the entire civilization goes back in time to the Dinosaur age *Jurassic Music BGM*

Here’s a guide on the most important to-do’s to increase your presence online and developing a digital ubiquity.

Link your social media accounts

This makes it easier for your followers on one platform to connect with you on other platforms. In case, they miss out the update on one platform, they would still receive it on others. Tastes differ and so do people especially the social media platforms that they are comfortable with, it is thus necessary to make sure everyone gets your blog updates. Linking your social media profiles will make sure that your blog sells on all platforms.  One important factor to note is that linking your accounts will mean giving up your privacy. It is always best to maintain different personal and professional accounts on social media.

Word Power

While linking gets everyone in the loop, your content is what makes them stay. An account on Google Keywords Planner and Analytics will help enhance your content in order for it to sell faster. Using the right keywords puts your blog posts in the right places (1st page of Google and Bing searches)

Simple titles

Your title is not the place to showcase your extensive vocabulary. Your title is what people search for in the search box, using simple words will thus bring your posts to the front. Not complicating your title is the key.

Keeping the blog user-friendly and as interactive as possible will bring people back. Overloading the blog with all your preferences will only do the opposite for you. Thinking from the user point of view is important to raise your blog above the rest.

Tools to help you through

Search Engine Optimization is a key strategy that you need to pay attention to while creating a blog. If people can’t find your blog, no matter how better your blog is compared to others, it will never appear on the first page. We must remember that Google is not your English teacher to rank articles based on how rich your vocab is, it displays results based on keywords.


One thing that annoys people is slow internet and slow loading, your blogs must be able to work best in the former and avoid the latter. Google Page Slow Insights is a tool that helps you measure the user experience and recommends fixes wherever required. Quick Sprout Web Analyzer is a tool that gives a full analysis of your website from shares to traffic. SEO Site Checkup is another tool that performs complete analyses and also recommends fixes. Google offers a wide range of free tools that will give you the best data. Using these tools is essential to make sure your posts reach the audience.


The blog must reflect your idea in the simplest and most dignified way possible. Working with the tools is as essential as creating the content as the content must be carried across the world. Happy Blogging! Hope you like the article. Do share it on social media if its worth.

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