How to Sideload iOS Apps On iPhone Using Xcode 7 Without Jailbreak

iOS have never been an open source operating system like Android. It has a lot of limitations to installing apps outside app store without jailbreak. There is a large world of apps out there other than App store. Until the Xcode 7 release, Apple users doesn’t have many ways to install iOS apps other than jailbreaking. But, Xcode 7 has changed everything. Xcode allows the developers to sideload iOS apps on iOS 10 directly to the iPhone without jailbreak.

Previously there is no way to sideload iOS apps without jailbreak. Apple giving the right to developers to test their apps on their own devices by releasing Xcode 7 without having to pay an annual fee for a developer account. Today, in this article, we are here to present how to sideload iOS apps using Xcode 7 or Xcode 8 on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without jailbreak.


  • Xcode 7 for iOS 9 and below iOS versions and Xcode 8 for iOS 10. Xcode 8 only has supported SDKs to iOS 10.
  • One Apple developer account. If you don’t have developer account navigate to, click on Member Center and create a developer
  • The source code of the app you want to sideload to your iPhone.
  • iOS device(iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) in which you want to install the application.


  • As a first step, launch Xcode on your MAC.
  • Navigate to Xcode > Preferences > Accounts and click on the ‘’+’’ button as shown in below image.

  • Add Apple ID by signing in with Apple developer account ID.
  • Download the source code of the app you want to install and follow the setup. Ex:instructions for GBA4iOS(sudo gem install cocoapods; git clone; cd gba4ios; pod install).
  • Now unzip the source code project and open the project file(xx.xcodeproj) in Xcode.
  • Connect your iOS device to MAC using lightening cable. Xcode will detect your device once connected.
  • Next select destination as your iOS device in which app to be installed by navigating to Product > Destination.

  • Now we need to generate a code signing signature for the app. For that go to the project to be sideloaded on the left pane and change the Bundle Identifier.
  • Bundle identifier should be in a format like an ex:com.cydiabuzz.GBA4ios or you can give anything you wished.

  • A warning message of “No matching provisioning profile found” will appear in that same window. Make sure your name is selected in the ‘Team’ box and then click on the ‘Fix Issue’ button underneath it and allow Xcode to fix the issue.
  • Now click the Play button on the top left. Xcode will start compiling the source code on your iOS device and sideload the app to your device if there is now build errors.

  • Once installation completed, navigate to setting > General > Profile & Device managementand Trust the developer.
  • That’s it the procedure for the query how to sideload iOS apps using Xcode 7 or Xcode 8 without jailbreak.


That’s the clear procedure to sideload iOS apps using Xcode without jailbreak. Apps to be sideloaded should be open source ones otherwise, we cannot sideload iOS apps on iPhone. You can download many open sources apps and emulator from GitHub or Bitbucket. So download the source codes and sideload apps on iOS using Xcode without jailbreak.  That’s the end of the article. Keep visiting us for more updates.

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