How to Improve Bone Strength to Reduce the Risk of Osteporosis

Osteoporosis is becoming a common problem these days. First of all, what is Osteoporosis? It is a disease which makes bones weak and brittle to break. This is a very common problem we can found in old age people, especially in old age women. Half of the women and quarter of men above 50 age is having bone breaks with Osteoporosis. There are many tips you can follow to strengthen your bones and lower the risk of Osteoporosis. Here we are presenting some of those tips which are really helpful to improve bone strength.

Things to Follow to Improve Bone Strength

  • Start improving bone strength at a young age because bones reach peak density when in the 20s You need to take more calcium and vitamin- D make bones stronger.
  • Visit your doctor for Bone Mineral Density test. This test result gives the T-score. Doctors will combine T- score with all other factors such as your age and gender and estimate your risk of getting Osteoporosis.
  • Daily exercise will improve bone strength enormously and improves bone health. It improves muscles which result in interacting with bones effectively to improve bone health.
  • Eat calcium-rich fruits and vegetables. Calcium will make bones strong and improves teeth structure. This is the best way to get stronger bones.
  • Get plenty of vitamin-D. It helps in absorbing calcium to our body when we are under exposure of the sun. As calcium plays a major role to strengthen bones and teeth, Vitamin-D helps in calcium absorption.
  • Do exercises like lifting dumbbells or doing push-ups. Strength training also improves bone health a lot.

Food for Healthy Bones

According to the case study and many other doctor’s suggestions, adults below 50 age should take 1000 mg of calcium and 200 IUs of vitamin-D daily and those who are above 50 age should take 1200 mg of calcium and 600 IUs of vitamin-D to have healthy bones. Below are some foods to get those nutrients for healthy bone.


  • MILK: Drinking milk will give you 30 % of your daily needed calcium. Milk fortified with vitamin-D will benefit you double so, choose the brand like that and improve your bone health.
  • SARDINES: Sardines are a kind of fish which having very high levels of vitamin-D and calcium which helps in strengthening bones.
  • EGG: Egg will give you vitamin-D. Eating egg is the easy way to get vitamin-D. Try to avoid egg white, it will cut calories. The yolk will have vitamin-D.
  • SALMON: It has very high levels of vitamin-D. 3-ounce of sockeye salmon gives you more than 100% of vitamin-D.
  • SPINACH: Spinach also has good levels of calcium. It is less cost and easy to get calcium. One cup of spinach will give you 25% of calcium. It also contains fiber, iron, and vitamin-A.
  • TUNA FISH: Tuna fish will provide 40% of vitamin-D you needed. It is high in fatty acids which is a good source for vitamin-D.
  • ORANGE JUICE: Fresh orange juice doesn’t have calcium or vitamin-D. But some products like Tropicana will be fortified with calcium and vitamin-D. It also contains ascorbic acid which helps in absorbing calcium.

Wrapping Up

So this is all about Osteoporosis, things to follow to have healthy bones and some food you should take to strengthen bones. Along with above-mentioned foods yogurt, cheese, cereal and collard greens also provide sufficient contents of calcium and vitamin-D to improve bone strength. Always check for calcium high products that is the only best way to reduce the risk of Osteoporosis. Hope these tips will help you. Please share the article if you like it.

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