How to Use Two Whatsapp Accounts in Single Android Phone

Whatsapp become a part of our life. This is the best and popular messaging app in the world. 90% of smartphone holders have installed Whatsapp on their smartphones. You can also use Whatsapp for PC, tablet etc. It is available for all devices having Android, iOS, and Windows. Using Whatsapp you can share text messages, images, GIFs, videos, files, contacts and location too when you are connected to the internet.

Do you have a smart-phone? Have you ever tried to install two Whatsapp accounts to your smartphone? Do you succeed in installing two WhatsApp accounts? Have you ever wished to use two Whatsapp accounts on your mobile? If your answer is yes, you are at right place yet. Today we Appsathena team came up with a tip ‘’How to install two Whatsapp accounts in single mobile?’’.

How to Install Two Whatsapp Accounts in Single Mobile

We have two methods to install two Whatsapp accounts in single mobile. One using OG Whatsapp app and other using Whatsmapp app. Today we will discuss both the methods.

Method1: How to Install Two Whatsapp Accounts Using OG Whatsapp App

Before going to step by step process of installing two Whatsapp Accounts Using OG Whatsapp App, take backup of your Whatsapp data if you have any important data.


  • Taking backup is not a tough Navigate to settingsà Chat settings click on backup chats.
  • Now go to settings in your mobile and clear Whatsapp data completely.
  • Open SD card, you will find a folder named Whatsapp. Rename it to OG Whatsapp.
  • Once name changed, uninstall official Whatsapp installed in mobile.
  • Download OG Whatsapp and install it on your phone.
  • Give your old mobile number while creating an account. Now you have one Whatsapp account with the old
  • Now go to play store and install official Whatsapp app to your mobile.
  • It asks for a number, give your second number. It will send OTP and verifies it automatically.
  • Now you are using your second Whatsapp account with official Whatsapp app.

So this is one way to install two Whatsapp accounts in the single mobile phone.

Method2: How to Install Two Whatsapp Accounts Using Whatsmapp App

Follow below step by step procedure to install two Whatsapp Accounts Using Whatsmapp App.


  • If you have official Whatsapp no problem, else go to play store, install Whatsapp and create an account with one number.
  • Now download Whatsmapp App and install it in your android mobile.
  • Give your second number to create second Whatsapp account.
  • You will get an OTP to verify the mobile It will automatically detect OTP and verify. Now you can use this as second Whatsapp account.
  • First one is the official Whatsapp account which you regularly use. The second one is the account which you created with Whatsmapp

Wrapping Up

So, these are the two methods to install two Whatsapp accounts in single mobile phone. You can also make custom texts on Whatsapp using Text Art Android app. Whatsapp also added Whatsapp calling feature. You can call and speak with your friends, family if you have good internet connection.

That’s all about using two Whatsapp accounts in single mobile. If you face any problems in installation, feel free to contact us through comments. AppsAthena team is always there to help you out with possible solutions. Hope you like the article. Please share it on social media if you like it. Soon AppsAthena team will come with another interesting article.

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