iPhone 7: Thy Name is Innovation, laments Android

Unparalleled Dual camera and No Headphone jack. All hail to the Apple’s newly launched -Iphone7, aiming to capture more customers in an increasingly saturated smart world. This version of iPhone tremendously beats Android with its every single feature. Along with the release of the phone, Apple also launched their new wireless ear buds.

When iPhone first debuted back in 2007, it was both an innovative and disruptive product that had no physical keyboard. It featured a design that began to be copied, ripped off, and emulated by all the companies of the smartphone market.


The competition between Google Android and Apple iOS has been the most debated topic in the field of gadgets. Earlier this year, Samsung lifted the lid on what many believe is already the phone of the year: the Galaxy S7 which is an android based cell phone. But facing off against the Galaxy S7 is the Iphone7, which is an equally powerful handset.

Though iPhone and Android may be similar to some extent but when it comes to software and performance, they are two very different devices. And yet there are several reasons which prove that Iphone7 is worth buying. Android is an open source and has been made by Google wherein iPhone has more of a unified platform, it has Apple software.

When iPhone has several new and distinct features from Apples and Android has its features from Google, iPhone also possesses some of the important features that Android does like Push Gmail, email notifications, calendar and contacts via Google sync, which makes an iPhone even a stronger device to carry.


There are some features in Android that iPhone doesn’t have at all like micro USB slot, user-changeable battery, and removable storage card which lets you store a larger amount of stuff on your phone. An iPhone just doesn’t need such features. An iPhone already provides you huge storage on the device itself. The storage for Android phones varies from 4 GB to 32 GB while for an iPhone it varies from 16 GB to 256 GB. Now, who needs a removable storage?

Another amazing feature that an iPhone has got over Android phones is its camera quality. Whatever megapixels of rear or front camera an Android smartphone provides you, it can never beat an iPhone. An iPhone lets you capture live photos, videos, and audios during, after or may be before your shot, and they are shareable too!

Most of the popular apps work on both the platforms, but many top games and still find higher compatibility in iPhone first. We are witnessing more apps come to both Android and iPhone at the same time, but there are still way more iPhone only apps than Android. Android updates take months to arrive on all devices. On top of the added update support, Apple doesn’t allow carriers to hold up the updates. An iPhone holds its value better than an Android phone. And there are many features that lead iPhone ahead in the competition.

The devices that run on Android Operating System are versatile and multitasking. All the Smartphones that are launched after 2010 by Samsung, HTC and Sony would let you perform two functions simultaneously, to what they call multi-window feature, but such devices always hang due to huge system memory requirements to run multiple applications together and thereby reducing the operating speed and overall performance of the device.

It is for always claimed by the umpteen users that Apple provides the best customer support to its users. You just need to get into Apple’s website, tap the vast database of suggestive articles that they have already provided or else you can live chat to the executives or even schedule an appointment at the stores. But, Google doesn’t share this kind of relationship with its customers.

An iPhone is a classic example of the efforts that are required when it comes to releasing new features. All that Apple has done always is staying one step ahead of the competition.
IPhone7 has proved to be the most powerful and popular device than most people and analysts have ever imagined. Pre-orders for this breakthrough phone completely transcended the expectations and now the current sales are leading recklessly in the market without being affected by the launch of any other cell phones, be it any Android smartphone or Google pixel!

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