Make Android Users Go Green with Envy with your iPhone 7

The astonishing evolution of mobile phones is a true testimony of rapid technological development of the world. What was once a luxury and a status symbol has now become a subject matter of ubiquity. Cell phones’ industry has seen an up surge like never before and at the same time led to the shutting down of some major industries which once were reigning on top, camera and music Walkman being some of those. Well, it didn’t stop there. We couldn’t just get over elating with the newest of mobile technologies, when the world witnessed the advent of a new inventively revolutionary era. All hail, iPhone technology!It has taken the world by storm and has made this brand the biggest of all time.


Every version of iPhone has made us wonder, “Could it get any more innovative?” People all over the world eagerly await the new version and in no time, it becomes the hottest tech device. Something similar happened on September 7, 2016 when the highly anticipated ‘future’ commodity made a grand entry into the markets. Before we hop in for a ride full of wonderment and awe, it is advisable to keep your ‘non Apple’ phones away from your immediate reach as the drooling design and mind boggling features of iPhone might make you throw away your handsets.

As far as the technical specifications are concerned, iPhone 7 features iOS 10 and has a bigger screen of 5.8 than its predecessors with OLED display.Your snaps can’t get any better with its 13 megapixels primary camera and secondary one of 8 megapixels. But are these the features for which we have been holding our breaths?, Obviously not. Listening to music has always been an important function of all and surely that has been taken to the supreme level. With new Apple wireless Airpod headphones, you needn’t worry of the wires that get entangled every now and then. All you gotta do is insert such Airpods into your ears and get ready to groove with your jam. It has a built in Siri and enables noise cancellation. With an easy one tap pairing with your phone and high degree of compatibility with laptops, iPads and Apple watches, it has clearly became of cynosure of all ‘digital’ eyes.


You needn’t wheedle-your friend that has a DSLR for a photo shoot when you already have iPhone 7. With two12 MP cameras and immensely improved picture quality while zooming in till 2x, your picture is ready to be uploaded without any further use of any software. Live editing of video and 4K video recording capability are some of the most enamoring features.

64-Bit 4 core CPU enabled Apple A10 fusion powers this new model. It is said to be forty percent faster than A9 of iPhone 6 and the speed is almost double than that of A8. The battery capacity of iPhone 7 is up to 14 hours even when Wi-Fi has been used. It gets more durable and sturdier with replacement of gorilla glass with sapphire one on the camera lens and home button. The storage has been doubled, yes you read it correctly! The base model has a storage capacity of 32GB and top version model flaunts 256 GB of storage. With an IP67 rating, you can easily take a dip with your iPhone 7 in the pool.

The screen has 25 percent more brightness than the predecessor iPhones and has an updated Retina HD display. For those who are frequent travelers, it is a boon for them as with more of LTE bands, speed of 450 Mbps can be attained which is 3 times faster than the capability of iPhone 6.

Conclusion : Well, in this ride of how iPhone 7 truly justifies the status of ‘futuristic product’, android phones have been left behind for so long. Although android phones have been trying hard to match the levels of iPhone 7, Apple is getting bigger and even bigger with every version. If you’re planning to buy iPhone 7, that would be the wisest investment. Though it is a bit expensive, but you must never have second thoughts when you are buying such a commodity. You don’t just get a worthy product but a distinctive appearance as well. Where you need to have second thoughts is your existing android phones which fail to deliver second to none performance and impeccable functionality. And yet, Apple says there’s a room for improvement. We can’t wait to see what this ever innovative company is about to unveil in its next product!

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