Windows 8 vs. Windows 10 : Whats New in Windows 10

Microsoft has been leading the group of operating systems since the release of its all-mighty Windows OS. Owing to the ease of usage and functionality factors, the consumer base has been seeing an immense increase as the years passed by.

Windows 7 was the most successful version in the history of Windows. However, things began to change both on the side of Microsoft and on the side of consumers. Yep, you guessed it right. Microsoft diverged their initiative to a modern approach; the consumers feeling uncomfortable with the new desktop environment and therefore switched back to 7. Any Windows 7 fanboy here?

The change

After seeing the consumers plead to Microsoft for backing the operating system to what is was meant to be and what all loved, the tech giant blended the mixture of modernity and basics. Moreover, Microsoft has paid attention to portability and cloud computing. Guess what? The result is perfect. Yeah, the latest version caters to needs of every type of users; who loved windows 8 and those who not. Moreover, when you’ll count the number of additions and changes, you’ll need a calculator to sum them up. Don’t believe me? Read On.

Changes with Windows 10

Windows 10 is a complete re-haul of the operating system, both aesthetically and internally. By internally, I mean performance wise.



Windows 10 boasts a modern-cum-flat interface. Though Windows 8 adopted the same policy, the former is baked with a much more flatter and solid design. The design code on the Windows 10 is much more appealing, visually and when combined with the animations throughout the operating system becomes a delight. Subtle flow effects when switching between tasks or searching through Cortana, all seems to be natural.

Despite initial tests on older hardware, the animations were buttery smooth. The minimum system requirements back this fact. Rev up the CPU of PC lying in the junkyard!

Unlike as was in Windows 8, metro applications can now be resized, which is a deal breaker for me. I hated switching between applications by dragging the mouse up to left the top corner. Good job, Microsoft!


Let us admit the fact. Windows 8 vs faster in real-time performance when put at its paces against Windows 7. Solid colors, encoding or whatever may be the reason, we as consumers need a fast reliable operating system.

Oh boy, when it comes to Windows 10, hands down it is the best performing version of modern Windows ever built. The operating system tears the numbers of benchmarks, storming way through intensive applications or gaming. This software is built like a tank, crushing every other in the market in the department.

I personally tested gaming and performance on a device running the versions one by one, and here is what I found. Not only Windows 10 scored higher during the testing, however, the same seemed to be more stable than Windows 8. For instance, while playing BioShock Infinite on Windows 8 in medium quality, the meter was fluctuating between 200-205 mark. With the same settings, I was able to squeeze a hefty 210-220fps mark. Remember, no changes were made in the hardware in between the tests.

The Start Menu

Beloved and much needed Start Menu is back. Hope you didn’t read that thrice. Yes, Microsoft encoded the start menu, but with a twist. Instead, to simply display the applications in list form, this version will show modern apps’ widgets on the right-hand side.

Unlike in Windows 8.1, where only a button was added, Microsoft has changed the look and functionality of Start Menu. Launching the start menu, you will notice the glass effect on the background. Second, the animations and modern app widgets. As you will continue to use the operating system, the list of applications will change according to the most used ones, rightly being stated as ‘most used apps’.

The menu can also now be resized to your liking, choose between Windows 7 style or 8.1 styles, the ultimate choice is ours, as consumers.


Say hey to Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana. She has been paired with the search bar on the taskbar, providing ease of access. Alternatively, you can simply activate her by saying “Hey, Cortana”. Fiddling around with Cortana, my mindset started to change. It gets smarter with time, learning what you do over time. I found myself looking for information, earmarking important meetings and scheduling my tasks more often with Cortana. After Microsoft announced that Cortana would be made available to Android and iOS users, I felt that this would work really well for me, being the data synced over the cloud and thereby providing the information I required anytime and at anywhere.

When comparing Windows 8’s Bing with Cortana, it can be easily stated that the latter puts    the former to shame. Even though Cortana is based on Bing, the search engine, it outperforms the parent in terms of usage and functionality.

Task Switcher

Virtual Desktops have finally made their way to Windows. Just like OS X, we can now create and manage virtual desktops for a single user. I was waiting for this feature for a long time, being a power user; I need to switch between different devices, which were a pain.

An icon on the taskbar has been placed, which allows one to switch between virtual desktops. Moreover, the same provides a glimpse on all the open applications. Doing the same was a very confusing and inconvenient way on Windows 8.1. A big hug to Microsoft for removing the open application charms bar.

Wrapping Up

Windows 10 is definitely the winner here, speeding through the track of every evaluation. However, his fact cannot be assumed to be a universal truth. Some might find the newer version a bit odd and some might not, what at the end matters is the preference of the customer. Being one, I will recommend it to every known person and one who asks the same question. Windows 10 is the last version of Windows series and is rightly done so. The initial impressions are spot on and thereby I’ll be peeping on Microsoft for the future updates!


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